Zithromax (Azithromycin) tablets

Zitromax is an over the counterdrug that can be categorized as Azithromycin. This drug is widely available in different forms such as capsules, tables and oral suspension. It is a potent and powerful macrolide antibiotic. The Zitromax is composed of azalide that contains rich amount of azithromycin which is distinctly different from a chemical composition known as erythromycin.


Moreover, Zithromax is descriptively a crystalline white powder capsule shape drug and it is also film - covered for oral intake. The buyer can avail of this drug in various dosages depending to the prescription of the physicians. In a tablet form this drug can be availed in 250 mg of azithromycin with additional non - active components.

The consumer can also buy this drug intended for an oral intake. This drug can be purchased in 600mg, 900mg, and as high as 1200mg or as low as 300 mg per bottle.

The primary benefit of this drug is that it can be easily and quickly absorbed by the body tissue that drugs that are formulated in the serum or plasma form.

Physicians highly recommend this drug for patients suffering from pneumonia as a result of vulnerable strain of microorganism. However, this drug in oral form is not recommended for patients with pneumonia because it might have some adverse side effects.

Moreover, Zithromax is also highly recommended for patients with catarrhalis, influenza, and moxarella and streptococcus pneumonia. It is also highly potent medicine for tonsillitis and pharyngitis; however, it should not be the primary medicine. It is better to use penicillin intramuscular.

These are the few reminders in using this drug. First, Zithromax is not intended for patient’s with syphilis. Zithromax in tablet forms must be taken on day 1 500mg and on the second and fifth day of treatment the patients must take 250mg. It can be taken in full or empty stomach.

However, Zithromax capsule form must be taken with empty stomach. It is highly recommended that Zithromax capsules must be taken one hour before meal or a couple of hours after meals.

Furthermore, Zithromax is effective cure for people suffering from genital ulcers and they must take it in a single dosage of 1000mg. It is not only effective treatment for genital ulcers but it also effective cures for cervicitis and urethritis in a single dosage of 2000mg.

Children who will take this drug must take it in an oral form suspension. The 10mg must be used on day 1 and the following four days the patient must take 5mg. Another important reminder, if a child will take this drug in an oral suspension form it must be taken with full stomach; however, it must be taken one hour prior to the meal or a couple of hours after the meal.

Children suffering from Tonsillitis and Pharyngitis must take this drug once a day in 12mg dosage within the span of five days and must be based on the body weight of the patient.

Zithromax must not be taken by the pregnant women because there is an adverse effect in the entire well being of the pregnant women when they take this drug.

Put the Zithromax in a cool dry place. The recommended temperature is ranging from 15 to 30 degrees. However, taking this drug entails some side effects such as fatigue, headache, angioederma, insomnolence, palpitation, vomiting and vaginitis.

How Zithromax Works in Our Body

There different types of activities that a person can adopt for its leisure time. Some people like to go outside with their family and some like to read books. Reading books is a good habit but sometimes some people use it for their disadvantage. To explain this I shall give you an example of a person who was keen to read books about medical field. He had read many books and got a lot of knowledge about the medicines. One day he became the victim of cancer. He did not consult any doctor and used his knowledge for the treatment of this disease. Unfortunately, he did not succeed in choosing the right medicine for this health problem and became the victim of other diseases also. From this you can imagine the severity of not consulting the doctor in health problems. This was something about the wrong attitude of the people towards their diseases but here my topic of discussion is Zithromax medication.

You may have used many medicines for the treatment of different diseases. Sometimes same medicine cures the disease but in the next time this medicine does not properly work in your body. Then you choose another medicine for the disease. Well, talking about Zithromax you will come to know that this medicine is efficient in every time you use it. Basically Zithromax is used to treat bacterial diseases and infections. It’s working in our body is quite simple. When you use it, it directly acts on the bacterial growth by decreasing the production of proteins. As proteins are very necessary for the reproduction of bacteria so they cannot remain alive after the proteins production is stopped.

Zithromax has some side effects about which you should have knowledge if you are going to use it. If Zithromax has some side effect, it does not mean that every person will get these side effects during the use of Zithromax. The chances of getting common side effects are about 10 percent and the chances of getting uncommon side effects are less than 5 percent. But before the use of Zithromax you should ask your doctor whether this medicine is good for you or not. It may be possible that the medicine create bad effect on your health after using it. If you will use it according to the prescription of the doctor then he will be able to control the situation in case of any emergency.

Well, besides these things you should also tell our doctor about the drugs which you are already using. There are some medicines which can affect the performance of Zithromax in your body. In these drugs cyclosporine, pimozide, warfarin and triazolam are present. These are some names of drugs but actually there are many drugs names which you should tell your doctor before using Zithromax If you are using them.

You can find different doses of Zithromax in market. But it is very necessary to consult with the doctor about choosing the right dose of Zithromax for your body. The right dose of Zithromax can be more efficient then the wrong dose.

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